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Ljubljana Urban Region (12 April 2012, Ljubljana)

On 12 April 2012, 28 participants took part in the second dissemination workshop of the Catch-MR project in Ljubljana. The event was held by the two Slovenian project partners Regional Development Agency of the Ljubljana Urban Region (RRA LUR) and Scientific Research Center of the Slovenian Academy of Sciences and Arts (ZRC SAZU). The aim was to discuss some issues relating to the implementation of the project in Ljubljana urban region (LUR) with stakeholders.

Lilijana Madjar, Director of the RRA LUR opened the workshop with a welcoming speech for all participants. Then followed three presentations, namely by Janez Nared (ZRC SAZU) who presented the main objectives of the Catch-MR project, Matej Gabrovec (ZRC SAZU) who presented good practices from other metropolitan regions, and Matej Gojčič (RRA LUR) who presented the proposal of the P+R network in Ljubljana Urban Region (LUR). The discussion that followed was moderated by Marko Peterlin from the Institute for Spatial Policies.

Participants from research institutions, ministries, public agencies, municipalities, and the media were invited to take an active part in a discussion targeting three following main topics related to the Catch-MR project:

  • the evaluation of the 22 proposed P+R locations in LUR,
  • the size and necessary equipment of the P+R locations, mostly from the security point of view,
  • the adoptations needed in the existing public transport network in LUR.

Photos: ZRC-SAZU

Participants agreed that a larger number of P+R sites of smaller capacity is more apropriate for LUR, having relatively small number of inhabitants. Due to very limited funds it is important to make the best use of the existing public transport network, including railways. All modes of transport (bycicle, train and bus) should be integrated into public transport. Multifunctionality of P+R sites was recognised as very important, not only for P+R being more vivid and popular among passengers but also from the security point of view. Another necessary precaution is also video surveillance. According to the participants of the workshop an urgent problem in Slovenia (as well as in LUR) is the absence of the regional level of spatial planning (including public transport).

It was said that is necessary to prepare a long term strategy for public transport in LUR and to introduce a more holistic approach to planning. The adoptations of the existing public transport network are important, but firstly it is necessary to improve Slovenian legal framework and eliminate some bureaucratic obstacles which impede the drawing of the EU funds.

Please find below several presentations (in Slovenian language):

Invitation  (pdf – 246 kB)

Invitation - Press release  (pdf – 68 kB)

List of participants  (pdf – 720 kB)

Presentation Janez Nared  (pdf – 488 kB)

Presentation Matej Gabrovec  (pdf – 1,2 MB)

Minutes  (pdf – 151 kB)