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Capital Region Berlin-Brandenburg (17 November 2011, Potsdam)

How can the portion of renewables in the field of passenger transport be increased in the Capital Region Berlin-Brandenburg? This question was discussed on 17 November 2011 by around 30 participants during the first dissemination workshop of the Catch-MR project in Potsdam. Representatives in the field of transport, energy and environment from the public and private sector in Berlin and Brandenburg had followed the invitation of the Joint Spatial Planning Department.

The discussion focused on the following questions:

  • More renewables in passenger transport: What would be the advantages for Berlin and Brandenburg?
  • What can (should) be done by politicians to support mobility based on renewables?
  • Can a partnership of different stakeholders contribute to a higher portion of mobility based on renewables?
  • Is the idea of "Regional Energy Partnerships" interesting?

The discussion was based on a study elaborated by the research institutes Institut für ökologische Wirtschaftsforschung (IÖW) and Innovationszentrum für Mobilität und gesellschaftlichen Wandel (InnoZ) within the INTERREG IVC project Catch-MR. The results of the discussion will be integrated into the study and later on made available to the public.

Photo left: Reinhard Dietrich; middle and right: Catch-MR/Anna Neumann

Please find here some documents concerning the dissemination workshop (in German language):

Invitation  (pdf – 358 kB)

List of participants  (pdf – 672 kB)

Presentation  (pdf – 407 kB)